The informitv Multiscreen Index provides a unique quarterly survey of leading multichannel digital pay-TV services, based on subscriber numbers reported by service providers. The aim of the Multiscreen Index is to track trends in television services globally, across a wide range of cable, satellite and telco operators.

This quarterly report shows the bigger picture, providing a credible context against which headline numbers can be interpreted.

The Multiscreen Index presents an objective measure of trends across the top 100 services ranked by subscriber numbers and allows the performance of services to be compared to their peers.

The services qualifying for inclusion in the Multiscreen Index may change over time. Reported changes in subscriber numbers are therefore against the current constituent services of the Multiscreen Index.

The Multiscreen Index report ranks the top 10 services worldwide by digital television subscribers and total company revenue.

The report breaks out the top 10 services ranked by subscribers across three major geographic regions: North, Central and South America; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia Pacific. It also breaks out the top 10 for each main delivery platform: cable, satellite and telco networks.

A top 10 table of corporate groups shows how these operators of multiple services account for large numbers of subscribers internationally.

Finally, the multiscreen tracker covers a selection of 10 services representing a range of regions and modes of delivery. These tracker services are ranked by television subscribers and by total company revenue, with details of quarterly changes in subscriber numbers over a longer period.