The number of fixed broadband subscribers worldwide passed a billion in 2018, ending the year with 1.027 billion. 46.5% of those subscribers are in East Asia, which provided 58.7% of all net additions. Europe had almost 230 million subscribers, while North America had approaching 125 million.

From 958 million subscribers at the start of 2018, the global number passed a billion in September and ended the year at 1,027 million. The number rose by 20 million, or 2%, in the last quarter, slightly lower than the rate of growth in the previous three quarters.

Fixed broadband subscribers 2018 Q4. Source: Point Topic.

Quarterly growth declined in Asia, Oceania and the Americas, but increased in all other regions, including Africa, which grew by over 5% quarter-on-quarter although it has the lowest fixed broadband penetration at 3.6%.

The figures from Point Topic show that the number of copper connections continued to decline, having dropped by 8% in 2018, while fibre to the curb or premises connections increased by 29% and cabled based subscriptions gained 3%.

China continued to see the largest growth of fibre connections, up by 24% over the year, constituting three quarters of fibre to the premises additions in 2018.

Fixed broadband technologies 2018 Q4. Source: Point Topic.

China has 400 million broadband subscribers, while the United States has 110 million, followed by Japan with 39 million. The United Kingdom ranks eighth, with 26 million.