The HbbTV Association is looking for a reference application to support the streaming of encrypted video to HbbTV televisions and set-top boxes. The association, which provides an open standard for the delivery of hybrid broadcast and broadband television and video, wants to make it easier for programming providers to deliver online video by providing a model application on which they can base their services.

There are now over 45 million HbbTV compatible televisions and set-top boxes deployed, with the majority supporting DASH streaming media and digital rights management.

The HbbTV association is seeking to commission a reference application that will work on as much of this installed base as possible, as well as on HbbTV 2 products entering the market in 2017.

“Many broadcasters and content providers are already using HbbTV applications to deliver video to consumers,” said Klaus Illgner, the chairman of the HbbTV Association. “This exciting initiative will accelerate the growth of the HbbTV ecosystem, with new applications, new broadcasters and new content providers.”

The HbbTV Association has approached suppliers of digital rights management system for support on this project, as it does not include specific DRM systems in its specifications. It is inviting proposals from potential suppliers for the development and validation of a reference application and content showing an HbbTV application playing back DRM-protected content delivered via MPEG-DASH. The licensing terms will allow it to be made freely available to any party with an interest in developing applications for HbbTV.

Companies interested in responding to the request for proposals can find out more on the HbbTV Association web site.