Netflix now has over 50 million members in over 40 countries, with 35.09 million paid streaming subscribers in the United States and a further 12.91 million internationally. Netflix does not release breakdowns by country, but analysts have estimated figures, suggesting that the United Kingdom and Ireland account for over a third of international users. The company is planning to extend into another six European countries, including Germany and France. International expansion could soon exceed growth in its home market.

Netflix added 6.46 million paid streaming subscribers in the United States in the twelve months to mid 2014.

Netflix added 1.12 million international members in the second quarter of 2014, up 5.89 million year on year, and aims to add another 2.36 million in the third quarter.

In September Netflix will launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. This will increase its international addressable market to over 180 million broadband homes, which is twice the number for the United States. Its total addressable market will still be only about a third of the 728 million broadband homes globally.

Netflix logo.

The company does not break out subscriber numbers for individual countries, but Digital TV Research has estimated some figures, presumably based on factors such as pay-television adoption and broadband penetration, as well as how long the service has been available in different territories.

In Canada, where Netflix launched in September 2010, it estimates there around 3.00 million subscribers.

In Latin America, where it launched in October 2011, the total figure is estimated to be 2.45 million, led by Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia.

In the United Kingdom it estimates there are around 4.45 million subscribers, with a further 260,000 in Ireland, since the launch in January 2012.

In the Nordic countries, where Netflix launched in October 2012, the estimated figure is 2.14 million subscribers, led by Sweden with around 940,000.

The number for the Netherlands, added in September 2013, is estimated to be 600,000.

These figures all suggest there is plenty of room for growth. If anything, Netflix could become a bigger story internationally than in its home market.

There plenty more markets for Netflix to extend into, such as Australia, although each presents different rights issues.

Netflix is still running at a loss internationally, although approaching break even. It seems red is the new black, at least in the new simplified company logo.

Meanwhile, margin is improving in its home market, now at over 27%. Overall, on total revenues of $1.07 billion in the second quarter of 2014, Netflix announced a net income of $29.50 million.

To put that in context, Comcast reported quarterly revenues of $2.82 billion for high-speed internet services alone from its 21.27 million customers in the United States.