Capablue, an agency focussed on web and television convergence, has announced a partnership with online video service provider Brightcove and recommendation experts TV Genius. Their Connected platform will allow rapid development and deployment of video sites to network-connected televisions. It will be launched and demonstrated at the IBC trade show in September.

“The demand for video on demand solutions on multiple platforms is increasing but the problem has always been one of cost and time. Companies have to build their systems, which is a long and painful process,” said Tom Cape, the managing director of Capablue. “Connected has been developed as the solution to this problem. It simply integrates with a user’s own platform and it’s ready to go.”

Capablue has previously worked with a number of British broadcasters, notably on Project Kangaroo, the joint venture that was blocked by the Competition Commission. The platform, developed by ioko, was subsequently acquired by Arqiva to form the basis of its SeeSaw service.

The Connected platform aims to support rapid and cost-effective implementation of video sites designed specifically for each client. It will enable a combination of advertising, micro-payment and subscription services.

Brightcove is best known as an online video service provider, initially based on Flash, but now embracing Apple and Android mobile devices and HTML5 environments.

“The growth of Connected TVs has introduced a host of exciting new possibilities for Brightcove customers to expand audience reach and grow their online communities,” said Cameron Church, technical director for Brightcove in Europe. “Connected will enable publishers across all industries to take advantage of this fast-growing distribution opportunity.”

It is claimed that Connected will be able to support all connected TV platform and standards available in the United Kingdom and Europe, including Samsung, Sony, Yahoo!, Canvas and HbbTV, and more established web and mobile solutions.

“With on-demand viewing on the rise, and a whole range of devices now available on which to consume video content, consumers are increasingly demanding more personalised services that are relevant to them,” said Tom Weiss, the chief executive of TV Genius. “Our Content Discovery Platform enables viewers to search for video on any device, as well as receive intelligent recommendations that enable them to discover programming that is genuinely relevant to their viewing habits or interests.”

The partnership could offer a one-stop shop for media owners that may otherwise have to deal with an increasingly diverse range of delivery devices and displays.