Anyone with a computer and an internet connection will be able to produce broadcast quality clips or programmes based on existing licensed video footage. That is the promise of a new idea from a company called Witty Future Entertainment and they have applied for a patent on the concept.

The plan is that users will be able to download or buy software that will allow them to modify existing material and add audio and visual elements. Effectively they will edit an offline version, sending only their edit decisions over the network. If the programme producer chooses to broadcast the result it will be automatically conformed to full broadcast quality.

“In this way, new TV and new media formats will grow like mushrooms after the rain,” said Finnish inventor Pekka Kossila. The chief executive of the Californian Witty Future Entertainment Corporation explained that users will not just be “passively interactive” but by creating, writing, editing, reviewing, recommending and voting on the best clips, users “will become involved in televisions in ways they could never have imagined.”

After working in interactive television, he decided that “plain iTV isn’t going to be the future”. He said that he has spent over five years in researching his next-generation entertainment concept.

“It opens doors to a new exiting future where audience truly takes control over TV,” he said “by sculpting their own TV World”.

It is an intriguing idea, which the company claims is patent pending in the United States. They are seeking an exclusive licensee and investors to develop the concept.