UK commercial television channel Five has selected Tamblin as a technology partner to support its developing interactive TV strategy.

Five has commissioned Tamblin to develop a library of flexible templates that can be used to build a variety of interactive applications, including quizzes, competitions and votes.

Using the Tamblin i-ZoneTV tools, the production team at Five will be able to develop bespoke, multi-page interactive applications across a significant proportion of programme output and publish them to digital satellite viewers.

They will also be able to aggregate, manage and analyse in real time responses captured from viewer interaction, through mobile, online and interactive television return channels.

Five has been using Tamblin software for the last 18 months to develop and publish interactive services for a limited number of programmes. Tamblin claims to have the most widely deployed interactive TV tools in the UK.

“We’ve already enjoyed great success with Tamblin’s i-ZoneTV software and are looking forward to broadening our output with the new templates,” said Elin Parry, interactive manager at Five. “The increased flexibility the new service will provide will be invaluable in enabling us to support many more programmes in 2006.”