Launching later this year, stimTV is a broadband channel that offers a unique personalised viewing experience.

Viewers will see a random flow of brief clips, initially from music videos, and can select when they want to see more, steering the service to adapt to their choices.

NPOWR Digital Media in California is setting up deals with music labels for music clips, performance videos and interviews.

Cinema, shopping and lifestyle channels are planned in the future. There will also be opportunities to buy associated items.

The company, founded in 2001, says it is “poised to become a leader in the next-generation technology that fulfils the long-awaited promise of a convergence between the television and the internet”.

They seem serious. They have patented technology of “A system for the automated generation of media” that enables the customisation of programming from a database of stored media.

They say this will allow significant improvement and innovations to be brought to the growing market for interactive television and video-on-demand services.

The system includes the ability to verify that viewers have “mindfully watched their offerings”. Additional patent applications have been filed on targeted and personalised advertising methods.