Softel-USA and Mindhouse claim they can get any existing interactive TV application on air in just ten days.

Mindhouse says it can deploy its Mindset service delivery platform within any broadcast infrastructure, together with a Softel MediaSphere playout system, enabling multiple interactive applications developed by any third-party to be deployed and managed across one or more digital networks.

The companies claim their joint solution will allow an operations centre to configure, deploy and monitor interactive services from a single interface, controlling static, dynamic or persistent services, including churning applications and any dynamic content – in less than two weeks. Of course, quality assurance and other processes required before actually going live may take a little longer.

The claim is based on recent deployments by Mindhouse for a major international broadcaster.

“We can absolutely claim to be able to deploy Mindset, with Softel Mediasphere and any pre-existing applications, into a broadcast environment in that time-frame,” Steve Scott of Mindhouse told informitv.

The Mindset service delivery platform allows customers to manage, maintain and monitor the content of interactive services and deliver to different devices on one or more platforms, potentially across multiple channels and markets.

Intended to simplify the operation, increase the efficiency and reduce the costs involved in providing interactive services, the system has been built on open standards such as J2EE, XML and SOAP. The web-based application allows services and content to be managed through a standard web browser.

The MediaSphere playout system supports standard DSM-CC carousels, including MHEG, MHP, GEM, OCAP and OpenTV applications.

Other Softel partners include multiplatform application authoring system vendors Emuse and Ensequence.