The Columbia Institute for Tele-Information in New York is holding a one day conference on IPTV, bringing together speakers from the academic, media, technology and regulatory fields.

The organizers of the conference say that a new medium is merging and emerging, which will deeply affect existing media types, firms and regulatory arrangements.

The agenda covers both the distribution of video over the internet and over managed telecom and cable networks using internet protocols.

The conference is CITI’s third event on the subject. The first resulted in the publication Cyber TV in 1995, with the second in 2001 resulting in the book Internet Television.

The conference, entitled IPTV.2: The Second Generation of TV Over The Broadband Internet, takes place at Columbia University in New York on Monday 23 May 2005.

The coming transformation of television is the subject of a forthcoming report, published by informitv in association with Lovelace Consulting: IPTV: Broadband meets broadcast – The network television revolution.