MTV in Germany is demonstrating an interactive TV portal that for the first time combines satellite and broadband services.

The interactive portal will offer access to games, news and the latest charts, with the ability to download ringtones for mobile phones in conjunction with T-Online. There are also plans to offer interactive votes and adverts, as well as offering access to video-on-demand archives.

The programme and links to the interactive television services will be transmitted via satellite, while a broadband connection will be used to deliver specific items requested by the user.

In order to take advantage of the service, viewers will need an MHP compatible satellite receiver with broadband access.

First seen at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, MTV says the service will begin as soon as suitable receivers are available in retailers.

“Being the first to offer this interactive TV technology, MTV has once again confirmed its leading role in the field,” said Catherine Mühlemann of MTV.

MTV is using Alticast for the technical implementation and broadcast of the interactive service. They will be using an MHP browser from Nionex, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann. It is claimed this allows iTV services to be developed using web authoring tools.