Three senior executives at Two Way TV Australia have left less than a month after its stock market launch.

Jim McKerlie, who replaced Sam Chisholm as chairman of the interactive television company in preparation for the company floatation, will no longer serve as chairman, although he will remain on the board. A director with Two Way TV Australia from 2003, he is a former managing partner at KPMG. His wife, who served as company secretary and chief financial officer, is also leaving, as is the financial controller.

The news comes as the company, in which Foxtel chairman Sam Chisholm remains a major shareholder, signed a three-year deal with Prime Television New Zealand, also chaired by Chisholm.

The deal will provide Prime TV with on-screen graphics in response to SMS messages from mobile phones, initially for use in a current affairs programme. The technology is licensed from Two Way TV in the UK through its previous acquisition of Simcast.