Opening a new research and development centre in France, Envivio has demonstrated a range of products reflecting the French commitment to the MPEG-4 standard.

It follows the French government decision at the end of 2004 to select MPEG-4 as the compression standard for broadcasting high definition television for terrestrial digital pay-TV channels. The French industry minister Patrick Devedjian was present to open the facility.

“2004 marked the beginning of the MEG-4 standard adoption in France,” said Envivio president Julien Signes. “2005 will mark the rapid acceleration of this movement in France and around the world. MPEG-4 technology and the Envivio products have reached the maturity required for immediate world-wide deployment.”

A number of demonstrations were provided in conjunction with Envivio’s partners.

Sigma Designs demonstrated the first system-on-chip able to decode MPEG-4 HD signals. “We have been working with Envivio on MPEG-4 technologies for 5 years, because they are an MPEG-4 worldwide specialist.” said Thinh Tran, chief executive of Sigma Designs.

French broadcaster TF1 demonstrated high definition television over ADSL and on mobile receivers.

Thales showed a system using the DVB-H and MPEG-4 standards to enable television services for mobile devices.

Envivio also demonstrated the mobile television solution adopted by the Mobile Broadcasting Company, or MBCo, which launched the first mobile television service in Japan in 2004.

During the event Netgem signed a partnership agreement with Envivio to offer end-to-end MPEG-4 digital solutions for terrestrial and ADSL television services, including high definition television services.