The Interactive Channel is a 24-hour cross-media service combining television, mobile and web technologies available on Cable TV in Hong Kong.

The channel was founded by Robert Chua, a pioneer in Asian television for over forty years. Having founded satellite-broadcasting channel China Entertainment Television in 1994, he recently sold it to Time Warner and the TOM Group, a Chinese language media company.

“The world of television has changed tremendously in the past 40 years,” said Robert Chua, founder and chairman of The Interactive Channel. “From black and white to colour, from analogue to digital, the audience’s demand for innovation is unlimited. They require new content, new format and understandably they want media interactivity.”

“These criteria form the foundation for The Interactive Channel, as we are dedicated to continuously produce the best suitable content and inject new technologies, embracing our audience with constant new experience at TIC.”

TIC is working with Redlynx from Finland, Icareus and G-Graphics in the UK.