The latest version of the emuse Modelstream authoring system now includes support for OCAP following a collaboration with Osmosys.

With support for the OCAP OpenCable Applications Platform, the new release of Modelstream Generate enables developers producing interactive services and content for deployment in the United States to create applications targeting both satellite and cable operators.

It follows successful trials in conjunction with Osmosys, using their OCAP software stack on set-top boxes from a variety of manufacturers.

OCAP is intended to enable the developers of interactive television services and applications to design such products so that they will run successfully on any cable television system in North America, independent of set-top or television receiver hardware or operating system software choices.

“As we continue to evolve the Modelstream suite of products for the US market, the decision to release an OCAP compatible version of Modelstream Generate is a natural extension of our existing MHP capabilities,” commented emuse chief executive Patrick Rainsford.

Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, vice president of business development for Osmosys added, “The emuse Modelstream package brings a very significant shift in designing for interactive television and will radically change the application development tools genre. As OCAP experts, we welcome this innovation and are keen to see that the whole value chain and iTV market is moving rapidly to support open standard middleware.”