Video Networks will use the HeadendWare system from ICTV to trial interactive games and transactional applications on its HomeChoice broadband television service in London.

ICTV announced the pilot project at the Interactive TV Show Europe in Barcelona. UK Cable operator ntl is also engaging in trials.

The HeadendWare server-based approach allows interactive services to be delivered over existing infrastructure as audio and video streams. Applications can be produced using standard personal computer applications and media standards.

VideoNetworks believes HeadendWare could assist in the provision of e-government services, particularly in high-density housing where it may be more difficult to support individual satellite dishes or new aerials for digital terrestrial television.

The VideoNetworks HomeChoice service is an internet protocol IPTV system delivered over a a broadband telephone line.

“The real driver of any broadband service is the content that the service can provide,” said Roger Lynch, chairman and chief executive of Video Networks. “Using the HeadendWare platform we can build on our existing product and deliver a whole new array of compelling, next-generation interactive services to our customers quickly and cost effectively.”