An article in Television Week notes that a number of companies on the leading edge of interactive television are predicting a boom with an explosion in services and availability in America.

One of the most distinctive developments will be the move from so-called two-screen experiences that have to date dominated experiments in America. These generally involve the viewer playing along on a computer screen, or possibly a mobile phone. This has been viewed as a transitional phase bridging an eventual move to a single screen experience in which the viewer interacts directly with the television using the remote control.

The migration to integrated interactivity is in part driven by market expectations for DirectTV’s interactive services which are expected to be modelled on those that BSkyB has introduced in the UK. This market has been seen by many industry observers as a proving ground for interactive television.

However, given the level of personal computer usage, the prevalence of wireless networks, the growth of broadband and accessibility of mobile phones, other forms of interactivity are likely to persist.