Method of accessing interactive and enhanced television services by using the red button on a remote control.

The red button or red key on a remote control is often used as a means of accessing interactive services from a television channel, particularly in the UK.

Many remote controls feature four colour-coded buttons: red, green, yellow and blue. These were originally employed as an enhancement for teletext services to provide shortcut navigation known as ‘fastext’.

On the BSkyB satellite platform, the application guidelines state that the red button is conventionally used to access an interactive application from a trigger associated with a channel.

An on-screen prompt may provide a visual or verbal call to action inviting the viewer to press red to enter an interactive service, possibly supported by references within the broadcast programme.

In order to simplify the message to viewers, the BBC and other broadcasters have adopted the convention of using the red key as the means of accessing interactive services on other platforms.

As a result of heavy promotion by broadcasters, the concept of pressing red for interactive is well established with viewers.

The term ‘red button’ is therefore associated with forms of interactive and enhanced television related to broadcast channels, as opposed to those accessible through a dedicated interactive service menu, typically associated with a separate button designated for interactive services.