BARB is introducing a slightly different definition of television viewing, including reach and time spent watching on computers and tablets, and from next year smartphones within the home. It estimates that in the festive four-week period to 12 January, 6.1 million people in the United Kingdom watched a television programme on a computer or tablet, of which 0.4 million did not watch any programmes on a television set over the same period. We learn that 14.1 million watched BBC programmes either recorded or on-demand on a television set, or 22.5% of television or broadband households in the United Kingdom. 4.7 million, or 7.6%, watched on computers or tablets, increasing the overall four-week reach of BBC programmes to 91.2%. Meanwhile, Netflix has changed its definition of viewing, from watching 70% of a programme to choosing to watch any part of an episode or movie. The difference is that only Netflix knows exactly how many accounts watched what, where, when and for how long, across 167 million members.