Nielsen is projecting that the number of homes in the United States with a television will decline from 98.9% in 96.7% in 2012. The proportion of television homes first dipped with the end of analogue transmissions in 2009 and has not recovered. Other possible factors are the economic climate and younger viewers that are going without television. It may not seem that significant now but it could be a sign of things to come. BARB estimates show that television household penetration in the United Kingdom has also fallen slightly from 97.0% to 96.7% over the last year. But with analogue switchoff approaching, the penetration of digital homes is still only 90.7% according to BARB, although the regulator Ofcom reports it as 92.6%. The Royal Wedding may have attracted a massive audience in the United Kingdom, but it was lower than that for a similar event thirty years previously, despite an increase in population and a higher absolute number of television homes. We continue to predict that by the end of the decade broadcast television will be a less dominant medium than it once was.