Providing technical support to customers is becoming increasingly important and complex, particularly in the case of converged communications services. At the IPTV World Forum conference in London last week, I mentioned in passing to the chief executive of Tiscali that for the last couple of years informitv had been evaluating the HomeChoice service they recently acquired. During that time we have had many opportunities to speak to their technical support staff, who are generally very helpful. Ironically, shortly after the show, the Tiscali TV service provided to informitv failed again. A couple of calls to their customer support number amounted to little more than “have you tried turning it off and on again?” After apparently testing the telephone line, they concluded that it must be a faulty set-top box and arranged for an engineer visit. When he arrived two days later, he quickly concluded that it was a problem at the exchange. The net result has been the total loss of television, telephone and broadband service for several days. Fortunately, informitv has several communications providers, but pity the poor triple-play customer bundling all their eggs in one basket.