With the new Premier League football season, BT Sport is offering new features for viewers, including an enhanced Manager Mode and a new Hype Mode, which adds animated effects. Viewers can see player runs augmented with smoke trails, shots accentuated with balls of fire, and on-pitch graphics to show shot speeds.

The upgraded Manager Mode feature includes an updated mini map showing both real-time formations of teams and key data such as player touches and time spent in the opposition half.

Individual speed data will be visible for key players involved in a phase of play, providing viewers with data-led insight as the game progresses.

BT Sport Manager view

The new Hype Mode, apparently aimed at adults as well as children, features what are described as “fun, action-themed on-screen descriptions to provide a revolutionary new way of enjoying live football”.

BT Sport Hype view

Jamie Hindhaugh, the chief operating officer of BT Sport, said: “Hype Mode is a first of its kind innovation in the UK around live football broadcast that will provide a new viewing experience for children and families, while maintaining the integrity of the competitions we cover.”

BT Sport Hype view

BT Sport is also adding an interactive timeline feature, previously available on handheld screens, to its app on consoles, smart televisions, and other large screen platforms, providing access to key moments from the match.

The app is not available for Virgin Media customers or those that subscribe to BT Sport directly from Sky. It is not available on Virgin Media or Sky platforms, or even on the BT TV box.