Europe has so far been less affected by television subscriber losses than the United States. Sky is continuing to gain ground, although growth has been relatively modest. Vodafone lost 35,000 television customers in Europe in the second quarter of 2017, while Orange added over 90,000.

Vodafone lost 39,000 television subscribers in Germany, continuing a consecutive run of minor quarterly losses, ending the first half of 2017 with 7.71 million customers.

With a total of 9.59 million television customers in Europe, Vodafone also has 1.29 million television customers with ONO in Spain and 503,000 in Portugal.

With a quarterly loss of 24,000 in Spain and modest increases in Portugal and elsewhere, Vodafone incurred a total quarterly loss of 35,000 television customers.

Orange added 53,000 television subscribers in France in the second quarter of 2017, taking its total to 6.74 million, up by around 600,000 in two years.

Orange quarterly subscriber change 2017 Q2. Source: informitv Multiscreen Index.

Orange has 8.72 million satellite and telco television customers worldwide, an increase of 91,000 over the quarter and 1.28 million in two years. In addition to France, Orange has 792,000 television customers in Poland and 541,000 in Spain.

The informitv Multiscreen Index tracks subscriber changes across 100 leading service providers worldwide.