There are over 3,000 on-demand audiovisual media services based in Europe, including over a 1,000 catch-up television services. The United Kingdom leads with over 680 on-demand services available, followed by France with 434 and Germany with 330. There are at least 220 further services established in the United States and available in one or more European countries.

A report from the European Audiovisual Observatory lists 3,088 entries in its MAVISE database of on-demand audiovisual services based in Europe.

The report says “The sector is growing fast and the number of on-demand audiovisual services available in Europe is rising, driven by rapid consumer adoption and made possible by technological innovations and a shift in consumption habits.”

There are 1,104 catch-up television services, 711 branded channels of broadcasters on open platforms and 409 movie services based in Europe. There are 45 adult services listed, although these only include those registered by regulators as part of a television platform and no doubt there are many more available.

The database includes 682 on-demand audiovisual services established in the United Kingdom. There are 179 branded channels of professionally produced programming available on open platforms such as YouTube and 69 different catch-up television services.

The report says there are 241 video-on-demand services available in the United Kingdom, of which 126 are national services and 99 are based in the United States. However, in terms of the origin of the controlling parent company, only 42 of these 241 services are established in the United Kingdom and 176 are established in the United States.

Around 60% of the video services established in the European Union are available in at least one other European country.

The report illustrates the complexity of the market and the level of fragmentation as well as differences from country to country.

On-Demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Unionfrom the European Audiovisual Observatory is available from the European Commission web site and contains a variety of information and statistics. The MAVISE database provides a searchable index of on-demand audiovisual services by country.