The worlds of television and the internet are at last converging, turning the dumb display into a smart screen connected to a world of virtually unlimited possibilities. Connected Television Revealed, a new research report from informitv, will explore and explain the trends and technologies that are set to transform the traditional television viewing experience and dramatically disrupt established industry structures. Readers of informitv can register for a special pre-release offer to secure a copy of the report at a substantial discount price prior to general publication.

For the last eight years, informitv has been tracking the conjunction of the internet and television, of broadband and broadcast, and advising leading media and technology companies and the investment community on the potential impact and implications.

The Connected Vision newsletter is a regular read for around ten thousand subscribers worldwide and informitv is internationally recognised as an authority on broadband and broadcast convergence.

Launched at the IP&TV World Forum in London, Connected Television Revealed will present a carefully considered view of the market and our predictions for the future of television.

Will Apple, Google, Microsoft or even Facebook become the new networks, displacing conventional channels? Will consumer electronics companies redefine our relationship to the smart screen with new engaging features, or will broadcasters and platform operators remain paramount by providing compelling programming?

The report analyses the key industries involved, the leading players, their motives, respective positioning and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Drawing on decades of combined experience and expertise, this original research reveals the powerful forces driving the connected television revolution. It examines the market threats and opportunities through the habits and behaviours of consumers, their frustrations, aspirations and the everyday realities of the viewing environment.

Combining industry data and survey results, the report reveals relevant video viewing trends that signal the inevitable long-term decline of the traditional television experience. Smarter screens, sophisticated interfaces and connected services will transform our interaction with television. How will television and video viewing evolve and what new opportunities will this create?

This report will help you prepare for the connected television revolution.