Ocean Blue Software has released a new Sunrise software package that will allow set-top boxes to support a combination of digital television delivered over broadcast and broadband networks.

The Sunrise DVB-IP software suite can be used alongside other middleware products for internet protocol television. It also enables reception over DVB-T and DVB-S terrestrial and satellite networks in a hybrid set-top box.

It supports the MHEG-5 interactive television standard used for the Freeview platform in the United Kingdom. There is also provision for personal video recorders compatible with the latest Freeview Playback specification.

“IPTV is still in its infancy, but growing up fast,” said Ken Helps, the managing director of Ocean Blue Software. “Set-top box designers need ready-to-use software components that incorporate the latest standards, such as Freeview, in order to bring hardware to market quickly. Ocean Blue is committed to bringing quality software and innovation for the digital home market.”