LG Electronics and Zodiac Interactive have shown high-definition interactive services running on the Cable Labs OCAP OpenCable Applications Platform. High-definition displays enable richer interactive services. Zodiac is committed to delivering what it calls Interactive Television 2.0.

The services and applications demonstrated at the CES trade show in Las Vegas include a complete user interface implemented in OCAP running on the Zodiac PowerUp software framework in a CableLabs certified high-definition television from LG.

LG and Zodiac Interactive have been collaborating on the new CableLabs OCAP user interface for HDTV, which provides a high-definition, widescreen format user interface with enhanced capabilities.

“We are getting ready to commercialise LG OpenCable products through interactive digital cable-ready TVs and set-top boxes,” said Dr Choon Lee, head of the LG Electronics digital television laboratory. “Building on the success of our cooperation with Zodiac Interactive, LG will collaborate with multiple major cable operators and retail partners around this OpenCable-compliant HDTV platform.”

“LG’s endorsement of Zodiac Interactive, along with our compelling demonstration for CES 2007, validates the appeal of our products and technology in the consumer electronics space,” added Zodiac Interactive chief executive Michael Rivkin.

Zodiac produced the Emmy award-winning IO user interface for Cablevision in New York. The company, which has also specialised in games development, has changed its name from Zodiac Gaming to Zodiac Interactive to reflect a commitment to bring a broad range of interactive television applications to market.