London software company Access to Audiences is launching an interactive broadband video system it is calling Cube TV. With around ten million broadband homes in the UK, the company claims that the web is potentially the single largest digital television platform.

Described as “the goggle-box for the Google generation,” the Cube TV broadband platform has been designed by A2A, a company founded by Nick Brown, a former head of information technology at Sky and also one of the founders of Pilat Media.

The chief executive of the company, Tim Greatrex, was previously managing director at media planning and buying company ZenithOptimedia. “These are exciting times in the broadcasting industry as multimedia platform convergence is now becoming reality for both broadcasters and viewers,” he said. “Only time will tell how big television on the web will be but it is a hot and very live topic right now.”

Cube TV provides a programme and channel guide with key word search that makes programming available to anyone with broadband access. It offers broadcasters, content owners and new niche channels access to web audiences with a range of community building and revenue generating interactive services.

An integrated channel management system enables partners to store, schedule and play-out programming. Audiences can be tracked and profiled using customer relationship management features.