A number of leading set-top box providers have integrated the ANT Fresco embedded browser interface and Alcatel Open Media Client for internet protocol television services.

Based in Cambridge, England, ANT provides embedded application software for set-top boses. As the sole supplier and integration partner for OMC, the Alcatel Open Media Client, ANT has provided the Alcatel client-side solutions for five set-top box companies: ADB, Kreatel, Pace Micro Technology, Philips and Telsey, with more to be announced in due course.

The ANT and Alcatel combination is already in deployment with Amino Communications and Foxconn and is claimed to be deployed in more IPTV networks than any other solution. ANT has integrated the OMC software with their Fresco browser in support of volume deals announced by Alcatel in Taiwan, Cyprus, Italy and Russia.

It is claimed that the pre-integrated solution will reduce costs and time to market. Stephen Reeder of ANT said: “By delivering tangible cost and integration benefits to our set-top box customers, this joint solution will further enhance operators’ confidence in the substantial growth of the IPTV market.”

Alcatel has a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which is developing its own end-to-end software solution, but Alcatel continues to support is own Open Media Platform. Alcatel signed up ANT before the deal with Microsoft was announced earlier this year.