BSkyB is supporting the launch of Fantastic Four, the latest blockbuster movie and video game release, with an innovative interactive TV promotion.

It is the first time that an interactive television service has been supported by separate spot advertising campaigns from two different advertisers.

Satellite television viewers in the UK will be able to access the service from interactive advertisements for the film and the associated game from Twentieth Century Fox and Activision respectively.

The interactive advertisements will be broadcast on Sky, Channel 4 and Flextech channels, in a campaign planned by Starcom Mediavest.
Continental Research will also follow up the campaign with research to inform their future media planning.

The interactive television service gives viewers the chance to see the characters, preview gameplay and watch exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage, together with competitions to win tickets to the UK premiere and copies of the game.

Sky will also promote the service from its interactive TV portal, Sky Active, while Fox and Activision will promote the Sky portal in their press advertising.

“This campaign emphasises the range of media opportunities offered by television and demonstrates how advertisers can use exclusive interactive content to get closer to consumers,” said Jamie Fitzgerald, Interactive Advertising Manager at Sky Media.