HP is partnering with Orca Interactive to offer broadband TV solutions to telecommunications carriers and service providers in China.

The news comes at the beginning of the CCBN2005 conference and exhibition, taking place in Beijing.

HP will lead projects with customers incorporating Orca’s RiGHTv middleware applications for the delivery of IPTV services including broadcast television, video on demand, personal video recorder and other interactive television services.

The two companies have installed full-scale demo systems in Shanghai and Beijing to provide customers with a first-hand experience of their IPTV solution. It follows news of a benchmark test with HP supporting half a million subscribers to demonstrate the scalability for large-scale commercial deployments of IPTV.

“Orca and HP share a prominent global position strengthened through this relationship,” said Yosi Glick of Orca Interactive. “HP’s wide support coverage, strong solution integration and implementation capability in telecommunication and service provider areas, together with Orca’s telco-grade applications, provide the best of breed IPTV solution in China.”

Orca Interactive has formed strategic partnerships with a number of leading players in the field, and the RiGHTv solution enables HP to choose other components from a variety of vendors and allows for customization and upgrades to fit the evolving needs of operators, including control over the look and feel of the user interface.