BT Broadcast Services, now renamed BT Media and Broadcast to include the former BT Rich Media division, is planning a global expansion of digital media hubs in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Part of BT Global Services, the new division will build on its “Mediahive” digital content management capability, enabling it to capture, store, manage and distribute any type of media file, including video, audio and still images.

BT Mediahive, in partnership with software partner Blueprint, currently provides secure digital music distribution, and plans to cover film and television production, digital cinema and advertising, and other vertical market sectors.

The recently-formed BT Entertainment division, which is planning to offer video-on-demand services, will also use these capabilities to deliver broadband content to consumers.

Previously best known for providing satellite and fibre circuits for broadcasters, the new division extends the emphasis to other professional markets and to consumers.

Andy Green, the chief executive of BT Global Services said “The market for digital content grows exponentially year on year and BT fully intends to become a leader in this space.”

The BBC has similar ambitions for its BBC Broadcast division, which it is in the process of spinning off. A short-list of potential bidders is expected to be announced in May.