The Korean set-top box manufacturer Humax will produce the new digital video recorder for satellite operator DIRECTV.

Humax has agreements with DIRECTV to provide various set-top box models including entry-level receivers that will feature interactive TV services and a future HDTV receiver capable of receiving MPEG-4 broadcasts. The company will also produce the new DIRECTV DVR which is due out later this year.

“DIRECTV is poised to introduce several compelling new products and services in 2005,” said Romulo Pontual, the chief technology officer of DIRECTV. “We are pleased to have Humax as a partner to develop and manufacturer set top boxes.”

Dr Dae Gyu Byun, the chairman of Humax said the company was proud to be added to the roster of DIRECTV approved vendors, adding “it’s an important milestone in our history.”

Humax recorded revenues of over $400 million in 2004 and has announced plans to increase this figure to $1 billion by 2006.