ICTV has created what it terms a ‘starter pack’ based on its HeadendWare product to simplify the deployment of next-generation interactive services.

The Starter Pack offers broadband service providers a combined technology and content solution, including branded games, children’s programming and localized news, sports, weather and movie guides.

“The process of assembling both the technical and programming components for interactive services can seem daunting to a broadband provider entering the business,” explained Jonathan Symonds, of ICTV. “Our Starter Pack is designed to provide our customers with ease of entry and the capability to rapidly deploy core interactive services that will attract and retain customers and increase revenues.”

The Headendware system uses central processors based at the headend to deliver PC-based interactive services, including audio and video, to a variety of set-top boxes. Originally aimed at cable television systems, this approach makes increasing sense for some types of services in an IPTV environment. “By placing more processing power in a centralized location, ICTV and HeadendWare are able to enable a far greater range and richness of interactivity via IPTV set-top boxes,” claims Symonds.

HeadendWare will be one of the ten ‘Hot Technologies’ showcased at the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association annual conference in San Antonio.