SBC Communications in the US has announced a new service combining satellite TV with broadband video on demand.

The service, in conjunction with 2Wire, will combine content delivered by satellite and broadband in a single package that integrates television programming, digital video recording, video on demand, music on demand, and photo sharing, among other features.

The announcement builds on their existing relationship with Yahoo! and the service will be available to customers who have both DISH Network and Yahoo! broadband services through SBC. It is expected to roll out in mid-2005.

“The SBC home entertainment service will bring together many of the features that consumers want most, including TV programming, video on demand and internet content and services, in a way that competitors and cable TV providers can’t match,” said Ed Cholerton, of SBC’s newly formed Media Solutions business.

The offering will include a satellite TV receiver, digital video recorder and storage for digital photos and music. It will also allow customers to access photos and music and to schedule their digital video recorder remotely from any web-connected computer.

“DISH Network looks forward to working with SBC Media Solutions to develop this cutting edge service, which would combine our proven satellite video service with the promising features of broadband,” said Nolan Daines, executive vice president of broadband for EchoStar.

The home entertainment service complements the separate recently announced Project Lightspeed initiative to deliver advanced next-generation IPTV services over the SBC fibre network.