The annual TelcoTV Conference is the focus of considerable attention as operators increasingly look to deliver a ‘triple play’ of video, voice and data over broadband networks.

Variously referred to as TelcoTV, broadband television, or IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), the delivery of video over both fibre-optic and copper broadband data networks is offering opportunities for new entrants into the television space, as well as having profound implications for telephony providers.

To remain competitive, existing operators are considering adding a range of advanced services to their networks, including personal video recorders and video on demand, even high definition television.

The provision of such services presents real challenges, not least in justifying the investment required, but operators around the world are engaged in trials of the technology.

With more and more multimedia devices in every household, the focus is also moving to distribution of services beyond the living room within the connected home.

Taken together, these developments will begin to redefine the television experience and offer exciting new opportunities for truly interactive television.

The TelcoTV Conference in Orlando, Florida attracts more than a thousand delegates and over a hundred vendors in the converging video and telephony space, and a number of announcements can be expected.