Access to Audiences has launched TestBox TV, a satellite set-top box test farm in central London

The facility allows both over air and local loop testing and includes the full complement of satellite set-top boxes deployed in the UK to mirror the test environment used by Sky Subscriber Services Limited for acceptance testing.

“With the current explosion in interactive applications, this type of facility will become increasingly in demand from a range of very different clients,” said Simon Keller of a2a. “Our aim has been to make it not only a broadcast test facility, but also a welcoming space for people to meet and view their applications.”

Founded by Nick Brown, formerly head of information technology at BSkyB, a2a specialises in interactive applications and scheduling technologies.

TestBox TV is the latest in a number of similar facilities now available in London to cater for the growing demand from application developers.

“Quite simply, we have set out to provide the best facility out there,” said John Norrington, chief engineer. “As an interactive solutions developer ourselves, we have used the facilities at most of the test farms available and realised that no one facility could meet all our requirements – so we have built our own.”