OpenTV has signed a deal with UnitedGlobalCom, Europe’s largest cable operator, enabling UGC affiliates to deploy OpenTV software and applications.

UGC has already launched its digital service in France using OpenTV middleware, and says it will be converting current and future customers of the UPC Direct satellite service in Central and Eastern Europe to the OpenTV platform.

The company also plans to launch OpenTV’s PlayJam and PlayMonteCarlo gaming services in certain markets, subject to levels of OpenTV receiver deployments.

“We are excited to work with UGC in the launch and successful exploitation of interactive television services to its subscriber base across Europe,” said Jim Chiddix, Chairman and CEO of OpenTV.

The announcement is significant for OpenTV, which supplies software for the BSkyB platform in the UK among many other operators.

OpenTV is part of the Liberty Media group, which also has a controlling stake in UGC.

Through its UPC Broadband division, UGC Europe provides television, telephone and internet services to over eight million customers in eleven countries in Europe.

Porting agreement with Scientific-Atlanta
OpenTV has also signed a five-year licensing and porting agreement with Scientific-Atlanta to allow them to offer network operators a range of receivers supporting OpenTV’s Core 1.1 middleware. An initial port has been completed to the Explorer 4200DVB model, which supports European standards.