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Sky and ITV agree commercial partnership
CNN+ online subscription service
Netflix loses North American subscribers

The Olympic Games are under way, having been postponed for a
year. We can watch them in ultra-high definition, thanks to
the feeds provided by Olympic Broadcasting Services,
available in Europe through Discovery and Eurosport. The BBC
has limited rights and can only show up to two live events
at a time, so can no longer provide definitive coverage. The
live television audience in the United States for the
opening ceremony was significantly smaller than for Rio or
London, partly due to time zones. It was elegantly low key
and poignant. The absence of spectators is evident, but the
television coverage is spectacular. Every Olympics marks a
progression in technical quality and this year is no
exception. Looking back at historic coverage, it is
remarkable how much technical progress has been made. More
viewers will be watching online than ever, but the Olympic
Games still remain a pre-eminent television event. William Cooper Editor SKY AND ITV AGREE COMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIP Sky and ITV have agreed a new long-term partnership,
extending their previous advertising and carriage agreement.
It follows a similar recent announcement with Channel 4.
These deals provide opportunities to develop addressable
advertising and new services. Despite the opportunity for
broadcasters to reach viewers directly online, the
relationship with distribution platforms is more important
than ever. Read more... CNN+ ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE CNN is the latest in a line of broadcast brands to announce
a direct-to-consumer offering. CNN+ will launch as an online
subscription service in early 2022. CNN+ will feature
original, live, on-demand and interactive programming as a
standalone service, separate and distinct from CNN, CNN
International, and other CNN channels. It is being called
the biggest launch that CNN has had since the cable news
network first aired in 1980. Yet it could end up being
bundled with other services, as major media groups seek to
repackage programming for the internet era. Read more... NETFLIX LOSES NORTH AMERICAN SUBSCRIBERS Netflix lost 433,000 subscribers in the United States and
Canada in the second quarter of 2021. It is the second time
Netflix has reported a loss of subscribers in North America,
although it has 73.95 million paying subscribers there.
Subscriber growth is showing signs of slowing generally, as
Netflix approaches 210 million subscribers worldwide.
Netflix is planning to add games to its offering, as another
way of attracting and retaining subscribers. Read more... Olympics coverage in 4K and 8K UHD Public service media reform England penalties watched by 31 million Smart television security standards BBC iPlayer shows record growth ITV launches shoppable television MULTISCREEN INDEX The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable
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