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Football brings nations together
Americans watching without a television
DVB-I shows integration with 5G Broadcast

The stock shot cliché of watching sport on television is a
group of young people cheering and punching the air with
pride. The reality is often rather different and more
complex. It can involve aching anxiety and fretful
frustration, watching open opportunities slip away, ending
in devastating disappointment. So why are we so drawn to
this across the generations in our millions? The possibility
of success or failure engages us on a deep psychological
level, mirroring wins and losses in our own lives. It
reflects and explores the human condition in a compelling
unwritten narrative, compressed into a few hours, providing
a safe space to experience vicariously a range of emotions,
from hope to despair, delight to sorrow. The shared held
breaths, mutual gasps of surprise, and collective sighs of
resignation reaffirm our connection to a larger community,
creating a sense of solidarity, identity, and belonging that
draws on deep tribal instincts. In these moments, television
sport transcends mere entertainment and becomes a
ritualistic celebration of our shared heritage and humanity. William Cooper Editor FOOTBALL BRINGS NATIONS TOGETHER The Euro 2024 football coverage kicked off with large
television audiences for public service broadcasters in
major markets, notably in the host nation Germany. Football
is still able to bring nations together in a shared
television experience. The numbers depend on fixtures,
timings, and the progress of national teams but can produce
record viewing figures. Read more... AMERICANS WATCHING WITHOUT A TELEVISION Research shows that 6% of households in the United States
now watch television exclusively on a mobile screen, which
is an increase of more than a million homes in a year,
driven primarily by younger viewers. It suggests the need to
redefine the basis of television audience measurement
according to homes with access to television rather than
just those that have television sets. Read more... DVB-I SHOWS INTEGRATION WITH 5G BROADCAST The DVB-I standard for online service discovery enables
seamless integration of 5G Broadcast delivery. The Media Web
Symposium at the Fraunhofer FOKUS institute in Berlin saw
demonstrations of live 5G Broadcast service instances
integrated in the service list of the continuing German
DVB-I Pilot project. Read more... Lack of clarity on broadcasting policy Mixed picture on 4K sports coverage German broadcasters test 5G Broadcast The allure of live television remains End of an era as music channels close Online video subscriptions bounce back MULTISCREEN INDEX The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable
overview of multichannel pay-TV providers around the world
and provides an index of the top 100 services by digital
subscriber numbers, with top 10 rankings worldwide, by
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