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8K on the agenda
Channel 4 plans to pivot online
Ofcom calls on BBC to address concerns

There is a tendency to use the term ‘digital’ to refer
to online delivery in contrast to traditional distribution.
Yet in most major markets, television delivery has long been
digital, although a lot of the thinking about it has
remained resolutely analogue. Similarly, there is a habit of
referring to viewing ‘on demand’ as opposed to
‘linear’ channels. Most viewing is inherently linear. It
is the nature of the medium. However, it is increasingly
less driven by a broadcast channel schedule. Television and
video are not something viewers ‘demand’, although they
may have certain expectations. They choose what to watch and
how to spend their time and attention to derive some social
satisfaction. The fundamental distinction for the viewer is
whether programming is recorded or viewed live as it
happens. William Cooper Editor 8K ON THE AGENDA 8K is still very much on the agenda for Samsung, Richard
Moreton, of Samsung research and development in the United
Kingdom told delegates of the 4K HDR Summit, which was held
virtually this year. “We were all looking forward to the
8K Olympics from Tokyo but sadly that will have to wait.” Read more... CHANNEL 4 PLANS TO PIVOT ONLINE Channel 4 in the United Kingdom has revealed a
five-year plan to accelerate its pivot to online services.
Its Future4 strategy aims to double viewing on its
All 4 online service and deliver 30% of its revenues
from online advertising, up from 14% in 2019 and on track
for 17% in 2020. The revised purpose for the commercial
public service broadcaster is to ‘create change through
entertainment’. Read more... OFCOM CALLS ON BBC TO ADDRESS CONCERNS Viewing of BBC television has fallen further among all those
aged under 75, with those aged 16-24 watching least,
although dissatisfaction is highest among those aged over
45. That presents a concerning picture for the broadcaster,
particularly when only 4% of those with Netflix expressed
dissatisfaction with that service. The communications
regulator Ofcom says it wants the BBC to develop a plan and
to explain publicly how it will deliver its priorities and
report on its progress. Read more... Discovery to launch global online video service Limelight Realtime Streaming without delay United Kingdom online video subscriptions Disney+ passes 73 million subscribers Virgin offers superior home experience Subscriber attrition slows in the United States MULTISCREEN INDEX The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable
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