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European viewing market trends
Ofcom sets new BBC licence terms
Amazon Fire TV passes 200 million mark

A recent press release claimed that streaming television is
the most watched form of television in the United Kingdom,
France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. I investigated further.
It turns out this was based on a self-reported online survey
question “Which of these services do you use to watch TV
shows and films?” 78% of respondents said streaming
television, but 60% said broadcast television and 37% said
paid traditional television. In the United Kingdom, 82% said
streaming and 88% said either broadcast or paid traditional
television, which is a false dichotomy anyway. So,
unsurprisingly, most people watch television programmes on
television, however it is delivered. Meanwhile, research
from the European Audiovisual Observatory shows that
television viewing has remained remarkably resilient overt
the last decade, but has declined in the United Kingdom and
Nordic countries, where online alternatives have proved to
be particularly successful. William Cooper Editor EUROPEAN VIEWING MARKET TRENDS Contrary to popular opinion, total television viewing has
remained relatively stable across Europe over the last
decade. While viewing at the time of transmission has
declined, this has been compensated for by deferred viewing
of recordings and catch-up services. The United Kingdom and
Nordic countries are an exception to this. Those are among
the statistics summarised in the European Audiovisual
Observatory annual Yearbook. Read more... OFCOM SETS NEW BBC LICENCE TERMS Ofcom, the communications regulator for the United Kingdom,
has set new licence terms for the BBC. It introduces
wide-ranging requirements for online services. The BBC will
also have to explain planned changes to its services in
detail before they are implemented. Read more... AMAZON FIRE TV PASSES 200 MILLION MARK Amazon-built televisions will be on sale in the United
Kingdom for the first time, although Fire TV products have
been available from other brands. At a launch event in
London, Amazon announced that over 200 million Amazon Fire
TV devices have been sold globally. That includes online
video players and smart televisions. The 150 million mark
was passed in February 2022. Amazon launched the first Fire
TV back in 2014. With its integration with its wider product
and service ecosystem, Amazon is claiming that it is smarter
than others. Read more... Broadband rates up but consumers confused Tubi takes percentage of total viewing HbbTV adds DVB-I integration Consumer confusion on online video brands Disney considers options for Hulu Hisense ranks second in television shipments MULTISCREEN INDEX The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable
overview of multichannel pay-TV providers around the world
and provides an index of the top 100 services by digital
subscriber numbers, with top 10 rankings worldwide, by
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