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Sky Glass shows future of smart television
Amazon to lead online video in United States
Video sharing platform regulation

The concept of incorporating the capabilities of a set-top
box in a television is nothing new. It seems smart and may
appeal to some consumers. Without an open interoperable
approach and the support of other mainstream manufacturers,
the mass market opportunity may still be in low-cost devices
that can be connected to any display. The real revolution in
the latest initiative from Sky is in delivering its full
television and video service online. William Cooper Editor SKY GLASS SHOWS FUTURE OF SMART TELEVISION Sky has launched its Sky Glass television, integrating an
online service in a screen with no need for a separate box
or satellite dish. Sky is offering it in small, medium, and
large sizes, for a one-off purchase or monthly instalments,
in the hope of capturing customers. It is an innovation in
business model as much as redefining the concept of the
smart television. Read more... AMAZON TO LEAD ONLINE VIDEO IN UNITED STATES Amazon is forecast to have the most online video subscribers
in the United States, overtaking Netflix. By the end of 2021
almost 100 million households will subscribe to at least one
online video service. That is forecast to rise to 106
million by 2026, and most of them will have Amazon Prime
Video as part of their package. Read more... VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM REGULATION Online video sharing platforms established in the United
Kingdom are subject to rules to protect users from harmful
material. The communications regulator Ofcom has outlined
how it plans to approach such regulation. While a few
services fall within scope, some of the biggest global
platforms, including YouTube and Facebook are not currently
regulated services in the United Kingdom. Read more... Disney+ to have most subscribers by 2026 Amazon offers free video in United Kingdom Netflix reveals viewing numbers Foxtel news Flash Sky plans smart televisions British broadcasters aim for unified app MULTISCREEN INDEX The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable
overview of multichannel pay-TV providers around the world
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