We’ve had a great response to the latest release of our quarterly Multiscreen Index, which provides a benchmark for tracking trends in television subscriber numbers worldwide. The informitv Multiscreen Index covers 100 leading pay-television services around the world and includes top 10 tables ranked by each region and delivery platform, showing changes in subscriber numbers by quarter and year on year, the top 10 gains and losses, plus tracking data for 10 selected multiscreen services. It’s based on thousands of data points compiled by informitv to inform our clients. We believe this information should be more widely available, so it’s priced to be accessible to anyone. You can purchase the latest summary online through the informitv web site for just £100 or get the current report and the next three updates for the price of two. An annual team licence is available for departments or small businesses and an enterprise licence allows unlimited distribution throughout an organization. Stay up to date with the latest data from informitv for the big picture on what’s really happening in pay television.