Do you want to know the current trends in television services worldwide? Get the latest issue of the informitv Multiscreen Index.

The October issue is now available, with subscriber data to the end of June.

The quarterly Multiscreen Index offers an invaluable overview of multichannel pay-TV providers around the world and provides an index of the top 100 services by digital subscriber numbers, with top 10 rankings worldwide, by region or mode of delivery, gains or losses.

The services in the Multiscreen Index cover over 30 countries. They generally each have more than a million digital television subscribers. They collectively represent around 330 million subscribing homes worldwide.

Despite some losses among operators in the United States, the Multiscreen Index shows continued growth in subscription television services worldwide.

The 100 services in the Multiscreen Index added over 20 million subscribers over the previous 12 months.

The 10 services with the greatest gains added over 3 million subscribers between them in the second quarter, while the 10 with the largest losses shed just over 800,000.

Almost three out of four homes subscribing to television services in the Multiscreen Index now have access to some form of multiscreen offering.

The Multiscreen Index is independently researched by informitv and is used by analysts and multinational organisations to track trends in television subscription services.

You can now access all the top 10 tables, with total subscriber numbers and quarterly and annual change.

See how services rank by category and which ones are growing fastest.

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