An estimated 20 million viewers in the United Kingdom watched live coverage of Usain Bolt winning the 100 metres at the Olympics, an event that NBC in America decided was best viewed later when the result was known. For all the talk of social media and second screen experiences, traditional television still has a sense of its own importance. So far, while technically impressive, the 3D coverage has drawn relatively small audiences. Apparently around 66,000 watched the live 3D coverage of the sprint on the BBC HD channel, which also has excellent packages of 3D highlights. The 24 additional live television streams have been more successful, with an estimated 17 million people viewing for at least 15 minutes during the first week and maximum audiences of over a million per stream. In the first week, the BBC saw a record 8 million unique browsers a day visiting its Olympics web pages from within the UK and a further 10 million international visitors. There were 29 million online video requests over the week, with the highest peak audience of over 725,000.