The London 2012 Olympics seem to have been seen as a great success, thanks to the outstanding hard work of all involved in organising, volunteering, securing, covering and of course participating in the events. Particularly notable was the good humour of all those dealing with the large crowds of visitors, which contributed enormously to the enjoyable atmosphere. The lesson in hospitality and group psychology is that if you treat your customers with courtesy and consideration this will be recognised, rewarded and repaid. In contrast, inspired by the excellent experience of Super Hi-Vision, my family also went along to watch Olympics coverage being screened by one of the national multiplex cinema chains, just across the road from the BBC. I was disappointed to see that it was being displayed on a huge screen in standard definition. I pointed out to the manager that all the coverage was freely available in high definition. I was apparently the first person to have complained, but then we were the only people in an otherwise empty theatre.