The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was watched live on television by almost 27 million people in the United Kingdom, with more than 20 million still watching at midnight. The average audience over almost four hours was 23 million, the largest since 1998, with an 82.5% share of those watching television. The nation was literally united in sharing a single experience, and what an extraordinary spectacle it was. No other medium can do this, but now television can also offer much more choice. This year, in addition to the traditional mix of coverage across a number of channels, there are 24 dedicated channels available online and on cable and satellite in the host country, promising coverage of every sport from every venue. Navigating this choice of channels becomes a challenge, even with the support of interactive guides, but there’s no doubt that it allows greater audience involvement in particular events of interest. There’s 3D too, but you don’t necessarily need to wear dark glasses for television to be an immersive experience.