The fifth generation of mobile technology is emerging. A Deloitte survey suggests that, on the assumption that it would offer a five-fold increase in mobile data speeds, 12% of respondents in the United Kingdom would switch to a 5G network as soon as it is available. In 2020 there will be just 54 million 5G subscriptions worldwide, as forecast by Ericsson. In 2024 there will be nearly 1.5 billion, with approaching 150 million in Western Europe, 250 million in North America and 880 million in North East Asia. However, the total number of mobile subscriptions worldwide will reach nearly 9 billion in 2024, up from almost 8 billion in 2018. LTE networks, commonly marketed as 4G, will still account for over two thirds of mobile subscriptions in 2024, and will gain as many as 5G over the same period.