There are new names on some of the stands at the annual IBC trade show in Amsterdam and some are missing, but the aisles of all fifteen halls seem as familiar and busy as ever and outside the sun has been shining, contributing to a positive atmosphere. There is no clear theme, trend or big idea emerging, although artificial intelligence is a big buzzword this year. Interestingly, interactive television has returned as a reinvented term on a few exhibits. There is not much evidence of virtual reality. Companies seem to be concentrating on the practical reality of the future of television and video. 4K is everywhere and 8K is on the horizon. While a lot of kit that used to live in dedicated 19-inch rack units has already moved to software in datacentres, there is still plenty of innovation in production hardware, from lenses and cameras to lights and sound systems. What is striking is that the barriers to entry are lower than ever, with the cost of kit delivering professional results becoming increasingly accessible, serving a communications market that is much bigger than broadcasting.