This week the second Connected TV World Summit takes place in London and informitv is once again pleased to be a supporter of this event and the inaugural Connected TV Awards. If you cannot make the conference in person, you can register to view live online. One way or another, the future of television is connected to the internet, but while television is almost universal, many people remain unserved or unconnected. Britain aims to have the best broadband network in Europe, albeit with a relatively modest level of ambition, with 25Mbps available to 90% of the country by 2015. I’m currently in Australia, where the government is establishing a fibre-optic National Broadband Network that will connect 93% of premises at 100Mbps, with the remainder served by satellite and wireless at 12Mbps or more. It’s a massive infrastructure project that will take years to complete, but consumers need compelling reasons to get connected. Media and entertainment services may be key drivers for adoption, but the broader social and economic benefits could be significant.