This week is the eighth anniversary of the launch of informitv. To mark the occasion informitv is announcing a new research report, Connected Television Revealed. This will be essential reading for anyone responsible for developing products or services, setting strategy or making investment decisions related to television or online video. After eight years of advising on the convergence of broadband and broadcast, speaking at over eighty international conferences and covering the space in thousands of articles for our weekly Connected Vision newsletter, there are now clear signs that the network television revolution is well under way. Connected Television Revealed will present our views on how this might play out, based on the strategic consultancy and practical implementation support that informitv has provided to clients over many years, together with insights from the latest industry data and consumer research. You can find out more at from our web site and register to qualify for a pre-release discount offer. If you would like to find out how informitv can help you and your organisation in particular then please feel free to get in touch. The next eight years promise to be even more interesting.
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