For five years informitv has been charting the convergence of broadband and broadcast communications. Which means that it’s over five years since we were first talking at the BBC about what has since become the very successful iPlayer. At the time, one proposal was simply to syndicate selected programmes using RSS and BitTorrent. The problem was that the BBC does not have the relevant rights to make many of its programmes universally available. The solution was the creation of a complex platform to control the digital distribution and presentation of programming online. This was not openly accessible and was incompatible with different devices. The challenge is now seen in terms of standardising devices to create a common platform. Rather than attempting to standardise devices, which is ultimately futile, the imperative for broadcasters should be to formalise the formats in which programmes are provided. That is at least a legitimate and achievable objective. As the public broadcaster in Norway has concluded, the only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it.