I’ll be kicking off the IPTV World Forum in London this week with a breakfast briefing on hybrid services, combining broadcast and broadband delivery. That will be one of the major themes of the first day of the three-day conference. A year ago at this event the BBC spoke about the Canvas project to develop a new platform for internet connected television. A year later the industry is still awaiting the publication of any technical details of the project, which has attracted considerable criticism from some quarters. Meanwhile broadly-based standards groups are progressing with their own plans for connected television. These include the HbbTV hybrid broadcast broadband initiative which has been gaining traction in Europe, based on elements of existing broadcast and internet standards, including those of the Open IPTV Forum, the DVB project and the W3C World Wide Web Consortium. Internet-connected television devices and displays are already available and will become prevalent irrespective of the aspirations of broadcasters. As ever, informitv will be watching developments closely.